I’m a British Photographer.

I grew up in the suburbs of Birmingham. I recall the city with a proud industrial heritage that had been heavily bombed in the second world war and then re-modelled through the 1950s and 60s with a new sense of idealism.

Modern tower blocks, shopping malls and elevated road systems were installed and glued the city back together. At the same time it’s suburbia expanded out into the Midlands countryside, where farms were replaced with school sport fields and woodlands with model housing.

By the time of my childhood in the 1980s, this functional yet decaying cityscape and its leafy suburban membrane created in me a nostalgic appreciation of late 20th century optimism and its overlooked charm.

Today in some ways I aim to capture aspects of those vernacular childhood memories, but through the lens of new places I visit. My photography is mostly from Australia (My current home) as well as parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and North America from the past 10 years.

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